Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Feeling Behind and a Preview of My Sewing Space

Having a rather blah kind of day today. I feel like I'm so behind on getting things accomplished, particularly in my blogging. It must be the cold and snow. Yep, that's what I going to blame it on. It was -6 this morning and that's without the wind chill! We have several feet of lovely soft snow but it's just too darn cold to be outside to enjoy it. Brrr! I did manage to finish a new blouse in time to wear for a Valentine's Day party. But do I have pictures to share? No.... I'm hoping to finish my Simplicity 2823/Dorr Mill jacket this weekend so I can cross that off my personal Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge list.

Wishing for warmer days....
I have such a backlog of photos I want to share but just can't seem to get things done. It's partly due to a lack of time but mostly because the computer I have is crap. It takes FOREVER to download photos from my camera and FOREVER to do any kind of edits. It's time for a new computer but I'm not sure it's in the budget at the moment. (I have several items for sale is anyone is interested.)

My wedding flowers next to a card from a very dear friend. The money is from Afghanistan and is something he carried with him during his deployment.
I do have a few photos of my sewing room that I can share. One of the first things I did when we moved into the new house was to work on a sewing space. This room will eventually become a guestroom but for now it's serving as a space for my sewing and vintage stuff. It's been rearranged a bit since these photos were taken but I wanted to give you an idea of the space. It feels so good to have all my sewing and costume books in one spot!

One can never have too many books about sewing, historic clothing, etc.

The lower shelves are where I store my vintage magazines and patterns. I'm currently using some plastic totes from the dollar store to keep my vintage patterns in. All the patterns have their own acid free storage sleeves. I'm waiting for larger sized storage sleeves to arrive for the magazines.

Until I get a real cutting table the large table in our dinning room is where I cut most of my fabric.

A little preview of my Valentine's Day blouse


  1. I've also been feeling very blah about things. Which sucks, because I have so many fun blogging plans!
    And oh my goodness, what a lovely bookshelf! I love when bloggers share their sewing spaces and bookshelves. I need a massive bookshelf overhaul, and I recently purchased a couple new books, sooo.

    Carla, TinyAngryCrafts

    1. Thanks Carla! I hope to have more posts in the future about my sewing space.

  2. Winter blues are getting everyone this time of year. While some are wondering how March managed to creep up on us so quickly, I'm still waiting for Spring... Can Spring ever come too quickly? Here's hoping you'll get some nicer weather soon. Meanwhile, I would wear something warm, get some old books to read (like "The Scarlet Pimpernel" or "Brideshead Revisited"), make a cup of coffee and hibernate for a while. :)


    Elizabeth from Imagine Castora


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