Tuesday, May 26, 2015

1940s Green Suede Ensemble

Thank you to everyone for your comments on my recent posts. My post blogging myths and perfection was an interesting one to write. And I have to say I have really enjoyed reading other bloggers' responses to Lauren's challenge. It takes a lot of courage to share certain things.

I would also like to thank everyone who has responded to my clothing survey and post about Future Plans. Please keep the feedback coming! The more input I receive the better prepared I know I will be. So far the survey responses have indicated the need for more separates, like blouse and skirts, as well as the desire for more prints. I was surprised by how many people commented that they wanted to see purple clothing. I will have to see what I can do! I'm still very much in the planning and research stage, and will most likely put out another survey later in the year, but any and all feedback is welcome. Please feel free to share the survey with others.

Also, in case you missed my FB post I'm having a spring/birthday sale on Etsy. Everything is 20% off (including the dress you see in this post) with the code "BIRTHDAYSALE".

And now, on to today's post!
Earlier this spring I began a search for a pair of green 1940s shoes. I have black shoes, brown and even blue but I want to diversify my selection of accessories. It was Joanna who alerted me to a particular ebay posting for a pair of green suede shoes. Along with the shoes were a pair of matching gloves and a purse! Too good to be true! I placed a bid and waited. Much to my delight, I won!

The listing said the shoes, made by Vitality Shoe Company, St. Louis, MO, were purchased in 1949 by the seller's mother and worn on her wedding day as part of her "going away" ensemble. The gloves were custom made for her mother and match the shoes and purse perfectly! I was incredibly pleased to find that both the shoes and gloves fit me just right! I sent a message to the seller letting her know the items arrived safely and how happy I was with them. She very kindly wrote back and shared a little more about her parents. Here is what she said.

I am so glad they have found a good home and that they will be worn and enjoyed. ...
Here's the story that goes with the shoes and bag if you want to use it.  These were worn by my mother as part of her "going away" outfit on her wedding day, September 7, 1949. The gloves were custom made for her hands, which are very small so I'm delighted they fit you. She wore these during their honeymoon and for VERY special occasions the first year they were married.  She then put them away in a box with the gloves inside the bag, to keep them safe and they have been there ever since.   She and Dad were high school sweethearts and started dating when she was 15,a sophomore, Dad 16, a junior.  They dated 5 years, were married 60.  We buried Dad on their 60th wedding anniversary, a very sad day.  Their's was a true love match.  Nothings perfect but there was a lot of love.  Mom's Alzheimer's has progressed to the point she can't remember much but she remembers Dad and the loving life they shared.

I believe the stories should be shared so our herstory and history is passed on. If there are any pictures from Mom and Dad's honeymoon, we've yet to find them.  I do have a photo of each of them the year they married and one from their wedding day I just love because hey look so happy. They were married on a Wednesday (Mom was very non-traditional) and they were coming out of the church,(when this picture was taken) just after school let out and all the kids were running down the street headed home (this was back in the day of neighborhood schools).  Mom said the kids were laughing and being kids and Mom and Dad were so happy they started laughing with them. She said it was a very magical day. My grandmother, who was an artist, painted this in amazing detail and color and my youngest daughter has it hanging in her home. 

It's always nice to know the story behind the vintage and antique items I wear and collect, but this one story will always stay with me. You can bet I will treasure these items for years to come.

Outfit Details
Dress - Facebook trading page
Bracelets - Local antique shop
Necklace - Was my grandmother's
Stockings - Bobby's of Boston warehouse
Shoes, gloves, purse - Ebay

Picture from the ebay listing


  1. What an amazing find- and such a sweet story to go along with!!

  2. Great ensemble!
    Haven't seen such a beautiful one lately! I love it...

    Emma - Little Miss Bamboo

  3. Oh my heavens! I LOVE that you got all that provenance! I always wonder who the lady was who owned my antique goodies and what type of person she was. I imagine her always as being a kind, caring, loving individual, but you have actual stories and pictures! What wonder!!! And you look so amazing wearing that dress with your lovely accessories!!! Awesome sauce!

  4. Such a beautiful story. It is such a lovely set. Looks wonderful with your yellow dress

  5. What a treasure! And what beautiful shoes!

  6. I love this post! So great to hear the story behind this. It is so special when you find the matching items and that they fit so perfectly. I love this outfit. I'm quite sure if those shoes would have been my size I would have been after them:) They actually look better than in the light on you than on the listing. Thank you for also sharing the wonderful story behind them.

    1. Yes the pictures in the listing were rather dark. I didn't realize that the "flowers" on the shoes were multi-colored until I got them. I was a nice surprise. Thanks so much for sharing the listing with me, I don't know if I would have found them otherwise. :)

  7. What a gorgeous set of accessories, they look perfect with your yellow dress. How lovely to know the story behind them.

  8. Ohmy! This little set is absolutely darling ~ with both the background story and the matching! I adore that forest green color, it's a color I don't have much of, but definitely want to be adding it to my wardrobe. A very delightful find indeed, thank you for sharing! ❤

    bonita of Lavender & Twill


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