Tuesday, September 15, 2015

1920s Plaid Dress - A Few More Photos

A few more pictures of my 1920s plaid dress. These were actually taken before the dress was 100% complete - it's missing the little white tabs and green buttons on the skirt. But I wanted to give it a test run. I wore this dress for the Roaring Twenties Lawn Party this summer which I wrote briefly about in my last post.

You also get to see a little bit of my yard and gardens. The flowers have mostly gone by, a sure sign that fall is not far away! I do love the fall but I'm always a little sad to see the summer flowers disappear.

My go to shoes for 20s inspired events. Not exactly perfect but they work for most events.

I wrote about the construction of this dress here. I used McCall 5632. It was fairly simple as many 20s dresses tented to be. Shortened the hem about 1 1/2", which is not unusual for me, I'm only 5' 2". The dress was a little high under the arms so I cut the arm holes a little deeper. Other then that I didn't need to make any changes.

And a few shots after playing with the colors in a photo editor.

And speaking of photos! Very soon (next week actually!) I will be formally announcing my vintage fall photo contest!! I will be teaming up with two well-know ladies in the vintage blogging world and will be offering some awesome prizes! This will be very similar to the photo contest I hosted back in the spring. Stay tuned for more details!


  1. Fiquei encantada com as fotografias, o vestido é lindo.
    Boa semana, beijos.
    Casa Cherry

  2. Oh how glorious!! I LOVE that you used an original pattern for this dress! The plaid makes my heart so happy!! As does the collar and your adorable shoes! Job very well done!!
    And a photo contest? I may just have to enter!!

  3. Beautiful 1920's plaid dress! I love the sailor outfit designs on the front and back sides. The pattern is very original.


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