Monday, September 28, 2015

Celebrating the First Day of Fall

This outfit was inspired by the articles in my fall photo contest. (See this post for all the details on how to enter.) This is a photo heavy post!

Brown was one of the colors mentioned over and over in the articles - brown suits and accessories such as hats, alligator bags and shoes. Brown can often be a blah color but happens to be a color I really like. It can be worn so many different ways and paired with an endless variety of other colors.

The line from the newspaper article that really started the planning for this outfit was as follows;

Brown appeared again and again in both accessories, suits and coats. One noteworthy ensemble included an imported tweed suit in a soft cinnamon brown shade worn with dark brown accessories and a nutria fur coat. - From the Dallas Morning News, July 25, 1940

As you may have guessed, it was a little too warm for a fur coat. I only wore it for the first few shots then had to take it off! It's the same late 1930s mink coat that I sported in this post. Did anyone one else have to look up the definition of "nutria?" Don't feel bad because I certainly did! Nutria, or coypu, is a semi-aquatic mammal native to South America. This large rodent is a cousin of the beaver and it's fur was a popular choice in the fashion industry for a number of years. It was also less expensive then mink and other more exotic furs.

I thought of pairing my my 1940s wool suit with green accessories, as I did here, because green was mentioned several times as a accent color in the articles. But I wanted to style the suit in a way that I had not done before. Orange was the next most obvious color for me to pick as it fits the fall theme so well. I've had these peachy/orange gloves for sometime now but have never worn them. My orange turban, which I made from a vintage pattern, has been crying out for a photo shoot since I finished it back in the spring. My pink leaf pin may seem a bit out place but I thought the color made an interesting contrast to the brown and orange. (I had intended to wear a pair of pink earring as well but forgot to put them on before leaving the house. Oops!) Plus it's almost the same shade as my new to me make up compact! Fall seemed the perfect time to pair these items all together. What do you think?

This 1940s makeup compact came in its original box plus this lovely little card! The front of the card is inscribed "To Ida, 1944." I would love to find out who Ida was and what she did during the war!

And these shoes!! Oh what more can I say other than I LOVE THEM! I picked these up from a vintage vendor at the Reading Airshow back in June. I've been searching for a pair of spectators for a long time but whenever I found a pair they were always the wrong size or out of my price range. These are a perfect fit and were very affordable for me. I guess some things are just meant to be!

The location for these photos is classic New England pure and simple. Quiet dirt road in the country, a covered bridge, the start of fall foliage, and railroad tracks near by. To top it all off it was a beautiful fall day! Warm, sunny, and bright blue sky. What more could you ask for?

Cori and I picked up this vintage Kodak camera at a local antique mall. As far as well know it's all in working order but we have not been able to find any film for it. Still, it makes a fun photo prop.

I'm planning a whole post on how to make your own turban. Plus I will be making one as part of my prize package for my fall photo contest!

Outfit Details
Blouse and gloves - thrifted
Shoes - Vendor at the MAAM airshow
Handkerchief - Vintage Vermont
Bakelite bracelets, compact and leaf pin - Stone House Antiques
Purse - Brimfield Antique Market
Stockings - What Katie Did
Turban - Made by me
Lip color - Chocolate Kiss by Besame (I don't think they offer this color any more which makes me sad. I ordered it as a sample and was hoping to order a tube.)

You still have plenty of time to enter my fall photo contest! There are lots of great prizes too! Contest closes October 18th. The winner and runner up will be announced on October 25th.

Also, between now and October 1st I'm having a special Etsy sale!  Use the code SPECIAL20 to save 20%. If you have had your eye on something now is the chance to save!


  1. Oh that makeup compact is lovely. That is quite special how it came packaged with the card. Great autumnal look.

  2. Oh my word, what a breathtakingly gorgeous fall ensemble! Brown + orange are perfection together and look sublime on you, sweet lady. I love how you interpreted the newspaper clippings and put your own awesome styling stamp on them. This whole look is swoon worthily stunning and will be a fantastic inspiration to all those who take part (and no doubt many others, too) in the fall vintage fashion contest.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Wow, this outfit is just amazing! The colors and textures are perfect together and the whole look just screams 1940's! So divine! The collar on that suit is particularly nice, love those little details. I would have been very excited about those shoes too, they are super gorgeous! I eagerly await the turban tutorial as turbans are an area of hat-making I have never delved into before :)

  4. WOW!! Love this outfit!! and the happy memory. My Grammy gave me her very similar compact...
    All the detailing is amazing!

  5. BEST OUTFIT EVER! It's just... everything is perfect. Amazing suit, turban, spectators, accessorizing... GREAT job. I can't wait to put my outfit together!

  6. Oh my good golly gosh!!! You look beyond brilliant!! I am so LOVING the suit,shoes, turban, and fur coat!! This is a great first day of fall outfit! Job very well done!

  7. Fabulous outfit, you look amazing.

  8. Man do I ever love this suit! It's got everything going for it. And you styled it perfectly.


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