Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday Shoe Spectacle - Notes on Evening Shoes

Today's post in my Sunday Shoe Spectacle series .... Notes on 1930s evening shoes.

Source - Etsy
The last word on evening shoes is that they must be dyed in brilliant colors of contrast with the evening gown you are wearing. The shoes themselves are sandalized and open. The platform is the thing because of the height it lends when you go formal, every last one of us wanting to be of regal stature then.  

If you are wearing a black formal, spice it with evening slippers dyed cyclamen. Bright green evening shoes will make a white evening dress doubly enthralling. An if it is a print you are wearing, choose the very brightest color in it and have your shoes dyed that shade.

Source - The Dallas Morning News, February 13, 1939

Vintage 1930s Shoes | Silver Silk Ankle Strap High Heels with Cut Outs | size 7 1/2
Source - Etsy


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