Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Marie Antoinette Items up for Auction Today!

Exciting news for those who adore Marie Antoinette! Several items owned by the late Queen of France are going up for auction today in Paris. As you may well know, Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason during the French Revolution and was guillotined in the French capital on 16 October 1793. Today's auction takes place day after the anniversary of her death.

These little beauties could sell for up to 10,000 euros! - Source
Among the 80 lots up for sale at the auction house Paris Druout are portraits, a candelabra, and dinner sets that belonged to King Louis XVI. A few of the more personal items include a pink silk dress fragment, green silk slippers, and the sleeve of a garment, possibly a shift, worn by Marie Antoinette when she was imprisoned in the Temple in Paris.

You can watch a video clip here on the auction.

Oh the shoes!! - Source

Part of a garment worn by the Queen in prison - Source

Dress fragment - Source
Another pair of shoes owned by Marie Antoinette sold earlier this year for a staggering $57,000! Now that's an expensive pair of shoes! And a different dress fragment sold for $76,000! A purse embroidered by Marie-Antoinette was expected to sell in 2009 for between $16,000 and  $20,000.

Marie Antoinette's shoes which sold in March of this year. - Source
I found this portrait of Marie Antoinette today which is one I had not seen before.

Martin van Meytens (Swedish/Austrian, 1695-1770), Portrait of Archduchess Maria Antonia of Austria (Maria Antoinette) at age 12. Collection of Schonbrunn Palace - Source

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