Thursday, October 18, 2012

Marie Antoinette's Silk Shoes and Other Bits of History in the News

Marie Antoinette's silk shoes sold at auction yesterday for €50,000! Holy cow! That was five times the expected amount. You can view the auction catalog here. There is also a video here of the shoes on the auction block and the reactions of a few people to the sale. The story is that the shoes given as a gift to the queen's manservant, Alexandre-Bernard Ju-Des-Retz who passed them on to his descendants.

A nice close up view of these gorgeous little shoes. I love the little green and white silk ribbon bows, don't you?

 Here's another look at that pretty pink dress fragment. This is the image provided in the auction catalog.

Marie Antoinette's silk dress fragment - Source
Other interesting bits of history related news.
Love classical music? What about vintage aircraft? If you answered yes then take at look at the follow news stories.
An unpublished Beethoven manuscript sold at auction recently for $331,000!
Dozens of rare British Spitfire fighter planes buried in Myanmar during World War II are going to be excavated soon.

Source - AFP
Source - AFP

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  1. Beautiful photos of the shoes. I'm glad to see they have such low heels!


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