Monday, January 26, 2015

New Years' Resolutions and Blogging Goals

Before the month of January completely disappears, I thought I would share some of my New Year's goals and resolutions. These are going to sound very similar to last year's goals so please forgive the redundancy! So here we go!

Sewing/Blogging Related

1. Buy less fabric and use more from the stash. It can be soooo hard not to dash out and by more fabric when you want to start sewing something new. Really, who can resist a good fabric sale?? I give in to temptations which is why I have so much fabric. Not that I'm complaining! I do know for a fact though that for three of my up coming sewing projects I already have the perfect fabric in the stash so that's a good feeling. If I dig around I'll most likely find the perfect buttons, etc. too.

2. Sew more practical items that will be worn more often - i.e. blouses, pants, skirts. I really enjoy sewing dresses but I find I just don't wear them that much on a daily basis. I need items I can mix and match.

3. Get my sewing room organized! OK, I know I said this last year but since our move to the new house I've had to start over creating a good workspace.

4. Sew one thing that's truly amazing, even if it goes against resolutions 1 and/or 2. I think we all have a few dream projects. :)

5. Get a handle on that pile of UFOs! So far this month I finished an 18th century crewel embroidered stomacher that I started, errrr, a few years ago. I'm making good progress on a 1930s/40s blouse using left over material from my 2014 Sew For Victory dress. I also replaced the zipper in my Fan Print dress so now I can it  again!

6. Start a tangible sewing journal where I can keep notes about each pattern and project. There are lots of great suggestions/tutorials on the web for these. I looked at many of them then created my own using Word. It will be very useful to have a notebook of some sort that I can keep with my sewing books and refer back to.

Blogging Goals

1. Continue to improve my blogging skills. i.e. better pictures, more details, etc. It's hard to believe that Emily's Vintage Visions is four years old now!! (My blogging birthday was January 3rd. I think this calls for a belated celebration, yes? Special birthday post with a giveaway perhaps? I need to do something!!) There are so many amazing blogs out there and there is always something more to learn!

2. Write up posts on some of my past sewing projects. I already have a couple drafts started. There will be lots more 18th century sewing projects. Including the crewel embroidered stomacher I mentioned.

3. New series of posts - "Behind the Seams" posts that show the details of some of the vintage and antique goodies in my collection. This was something I intended to do last year but life just got so busy. Fear not! It will happen in 2015. I have already started photographing some of my favorite pieces and have even started drafting patterns for a few of them. The first two blogs I have planned will detail a 1920s black silk dress and an 1860s bright blue silk waist/corselet.

A few Life Related Goals

1. Do more things that make me happy even if they seem silly. Correction, especially if they are silly! Things like playing croquet with with friends using pink plastic flamingos and a stuffed hedgehog... Yes, this is a thing. :)

2. Dress in a way that makes me feel good about myself. It's time to start working more vintage into my everyday wardrobe.

3. Clear away the clutter. It's time to really go through and get rid of things. Cori and I are both collectors and things just seem to find a way into the house.

4. Eat better and be more active. Because I have a desk job, and even though I say these thing every year with the best intentions, I really need to be better about it

5. Spend more time outdoors and more time with friends.

So there you have it! What are your goals for the New Year?


  1. I see absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying a little Wonderland-style croquet! :)

  2. Oh! I can't wait for the Behind-the-seams series!!! And happy birthday to Vintage Vision's! Isn't it funny how those dates can just come and go so quickly without us even realizing?


    the Middle Sister and Singer

  3. Some wonderful goals even that should stretch beyond this year:) I seriously need to declutter and evaluate what I should keep and not keep. It's so easy to put things into a closet or in a corner. But, then when you need something the frustration starts :)


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